We provide full fee and subsidized care!

Who We Are

Cast for Kids is a non-for-profit community-based child care centre located in the Keele and Sheppard area of North York. We provide full fee and subsidized care for children 0 months – 12 years of age. We also provide a FDK program for 4 – 5 year olds in partnership with our schools unit. We are located in Sheppard Public School, which also houses Toronto’s first Africentric Alternative School. The ability to be located within the schools ensures that we maintain close ties with the community.


We promote a healthy development for children and families through a responsible, high quality program.


We listen to and acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of all children.


We structure the environment of all children so they will experience feelings of success, not failure.


We are committed to the concept of partnership between parents, staff and board of directors, working together to ensure the safe and optimal development of each child.


We are located inside the Sheppard Public School which also includes the Africentric School.


We give all children a feeling of reasonable control over their lives.


Our staff speak various languages other than English such as Italian, Urdu and Hindi.


We model a positive view of ourselves to all children.

Our Mission Statement

Cast for Kids Childcare Centre will contribute to our community by making high-quality accessible subsidized and full fee child care and early learning available, so that families can go about their daily routines knowing that their children are in good hands. Our program will stimulate learning through a hands on learning play environment.

With our school partners, we will create a welcoming, supportive and stimulating play environment in which every child can realize their full potential. We will work alongside our schools unit to provide high quality and a well-balanced play environment with access to our Full-day Kindergarten program as well. Effective October 2016 we will offer care for infants and toddlers as well and will therefore offer care to the following age categories; 0 months – 12 years of age, which will continue to include our FDK before and after care program.

Toronto Child Care Centre-Infant Room

Our Philosophy

We strive to create a supportive family atmosphere in which the program is an extension of the home, community and school.  Our program is designed to:

  • Provide a warm, receptive and stimulating environment.
  • Encourage the development of a positive self-concept within each child and a positive concept of family and community.
  • Provide opportunities for the children to develop self-expression, language enrichment and experiences that promote knowledge and understanding of their environment and the world around them.
  • Provide a safe environment for all children at all times.
  • Provide co-operation between child care and school programs.
  • Provide opportunities for family involvement and co-operation by allowing parents to volunteer on Centre trips, communicate with staff about their children’s day and join our Board of Directors.
  • Provide opportunities for the children to learn by playing together and sharing with one another.
  • Provide opportunities to regularly assess the effectiveness, appropriateness and efficiencies of the program organization, activities and routines.
Toronto Child Care Centre-Infant Room
Toronto Child Care Centre School Age Room

Meet Our Board of Directors

Cast for Kids Child Care Centre is a community-based, non–profit child care program. The Board of Directors, who are volunteers meet once a month. All parents are welcome to attend these meetings. The Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor of the program attends these meetings to present a review of activities/concerns over the past month and discuss these. This process serves to check whether the objectives of the program are being met, as well as to provide an opportunity for the Board and the Supervisor to resolve and update matters of concern. They are elected from among parents/community members wishing to serve. Elections are held at an Annual General Meeting, which the current Board Members, staff and parents are required to attend.

The Board of Directors of Cast for Kids Child Care Centre has the option to make changes and/or additions to the policies and procedures of the program as the need arises. Parents’ questions and suggestions are always welcome.

Our Staff

The Centre’s staff are qualified teachers trained in Early Childhood Education as well as Assistant Teachers. Each staff member has knowledge of child development and is experienced in the methods of child guidance suited to the ages of the children in the Centre. All ECE teachers are registered.

Cast for Kids has over 25 years of experience in child care!