Welcome to the ‘Cast for Kids’ Child Care Centre!

Welcome to Cast for Kids childcare Centre. Located in North York, Cast for Kids CC has been operating for over 25 years. We believe that the ability to provide a stimulating play based learning environment has attributed to our many years of service. We are a community not-for-profit daycare that serves both full fee and subsidized parents in the surrounding areas.



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Why Cast For Kids Child Care Centre?

Cast for Kids Childcare Centre is a subsidized daycare.

Children are the single most important aspect of our lives and the centre’s wish is to assist all families by making quality child care available.

Cast for Kids is a child care centre option that is being offered to families in order that they may carry on their daily work knowing that their children are safe and well cared for.

Classroom Facilities

The program at Cast for Kids Child Care Centre recognizes that each child is an individual with a unique pattern of interests, capabilities and aspirations. These qualities shall be nurtured in a healthy and safe environment in which the child can develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Each child’s sense of autonomy, self esteem and self-discipline shall be facilitated in our warm and caring environment.

At Cast for Kids Child Care Centre, we strive to create a supportive family atmosphere in which the program is an extension of both the home/school community.

Toronto Child Care Centre-Infant Room

Beyond the Classroom

We promote a healthy development for children and families through a responsible, high quality program.

The environment in our centre is designed to help children experience feelings of success, not failure. We give all children a feeling of reasonable control over their lives.

Our Centre offers coordination and seamless transition between childcare, school and after school programs.

Toronto Child Care Centre Preschool Room


We offer a variety of programs in the interest of the children’s needs:Crafts, indoor and outdoor play, music, stories, and real life field trip experiences.

Our program addresses all cultures and people differences and similarities through an anti-bias approach.

Toronto Child Care Centre-Infant Room

Play Time

Our programs provide opportunities for  children to learn and play together and to share with others.  We continuously provide opportunities for family involvement.

We are committed to the concept of partnership between parents, staff and board of directors, working together to ensure the safe and optimal development of each child.

FDK Room

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities.


  • Toronto Child Care Centre-Infant Room
    Infant Room
  • Toronto Child Care Centre Preschool
    Preschool Room
  • Toronto Child Care Centre School Age Room
    School Age Room
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  • FDK Room
    FDK Room